World of The Girl with No Earrings

How Difficult It Is to Have a Puppy

I have been wanting a puppy or a small dog for almost one and a half decades now. But life is so cruel that it does not show me even the tiniest bit of sympathy and makes it easy for me. Every time I think about getting one, someone who is above my authority questions […]

If You Love Babies, Don’t Make Any

I do understand this is a very controversial topic to be discussing but I do feel that as difficult and pinching as talking about it is, we should make an effort to do it somehow for the sake of realizing what really the right thing is. When I was young, I loved babies. I have […]

The Dream Job

In university I was reading English. Coming from a Sinhala speaking family, society and country, studying English was kind of a deal here in Sri Lanka. Most university students who come from rural areas struggle with their English and that is why we, English students were considered as a unique breed. This was our strength […]

Corona and Me

This year has been a terrifying ride that’s only been going upwards. We are tired, we are depressed, we are hopeless and most of all we are scared. We have lost the freedom we had just last year and have to think twice before stepping out of the house anymore. My scared little heard has […]

I Wanted To Be A Boy

My young, naughty self never had any girls as playmates. I had a pact of dirt covered, smelly village boys I befriended through my dirt-covered, smelly cousin brothers. Every time I came home after playing with them –Smelling and covered in dirt- my Ma beat me with anything she got hold of. My bony back […]

Be Careful Of What You Wish For

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh there’s a snaaake!!” That was the scream of my aunt and it was piercing through the house. She was screaming from the kitchen. Everyone who was watching TV in the living got up and ran to see what she screamed about. “Ayyooooo giya giya, it went under the table oh lord” My father spoke […]

No Excuse!

I personally do not like people who give a million excuses for something they could not do, achieve or gain. Especially when they put the blame on their family, parents, poverty and other things you could have overcome. Not suggesting any of those would have been easy, but with a little bit of struggle, it […]


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